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Wind power produces only 5% of the electricity in France.

The line has been crossed: now more than half of French regions and departments have meant officially to the government that cutting wind is full. Allier, Charente Maritime, Cantal, Charente, Poitou, Hauts de France, Rhone Alps .. Great East … Everywhere the lights are red.

The territory has absorbed more wind turbines that could and the result is not at the rendezvous. The Association of Mayors of France is on high alert: the territorial divide prevented Paris to see the damage on the ground. In many departments, the pressure rises and the fed is general. The historical record of the 73 hearings of the recent parliamentary commission of inquiry Aubert demonstrated urgency.

With five times less credit than the wind, the goal of renewable energy can be reached quickly, but we must act in 2020.

The wind moratorium is urgent for us to quickly reach the milestone while COP25 ad catastrophic results. Twelve years of huge investment in wind give a result so ridiculous that there is now much better renewable solutions.

Without local jobs created or industrial concrete result of the energy transition, this “major project” did flop. The mountain gave birth to a mouse. Tracing the German solution on France presented three major errors:

As in Germany; the results are not at the rendezvous. 2019 is the year of the collapse to 90% of wind projects. In France nearly 100 billion was spent for that wind produces only 5% of our electricity, only provided every other day … five! All this with locations which nevertheless cover a third of our territory. Germany now expects to undergo the great black hole of gigantic failure. Paris has already experienced three major outages this year: Montparnasse, Orly and the Champs Elysées, because networks are kneeling. The wind bubble bursts with more than 10 000 jobs expected to disparaitrre this year alone, by the admission of the German wind grouping which brings together brands exploited in France.

Doubling the wind would cover more than half of our territory for only 10% of our electricity and offshore wind destroyed half of our fisheries …!


France does not benefit from all this activity, always been artificial. Manufacturers are all foreign, massive imports, precarious jobs, massive tax exemptions, the trade balance deficit. The turnover is still subsidized by the taxpayer at a much higher than the market price. The only French wind turbine masts niche, weighing just a hundred jobs, moribund for several years, is disappearing in Burgundy.

A small core of influence artificially maintained this windfall by the incessant siege of elected officials and ministries. Getting private returns in double digits with a 100% public financing was very tempting … The “investigations” or “polls” are regularly funded very oriented to try to keep this paradise that has made the fortune of a few insiders. The regulations have often been influenced, including distances remained the same despite tripled sizes, noise too, the concrete bases by million tons, recycling blades, still largely unresolved in polluting material.

We discover the serious problem of air defense and safety of air traffic control with the proliferation of wind turbines blind ground radar and flight up to 70 km. The French landscape and its resources are very different from Germany. The only similar German region of France also rejects the wind. The French water resources are a much more efficient renewable energy.

If we double inefficient solution, it is still twice less effective.

Wind energy remains a gadget that does not meet the energy transition and even worse !!!
it is incomprehensible that the only model proposed wind is the old three-blade model giant mast, almost a century old, inefficient, with multiple nuisances, while more modern processes exist, vertical wind turbines, or incorporated into buildings or roof even in the breakdowns, which have a much better return and weigh national lode 4 times more energy the heart needs, and without the current pollution of all kinds.

The current wind delays the true renewable energies arriving: carbon valuation, hydrogen, thorium, positive-energy buildings … etc …. The batteries pollute more radioactive waste than nuclear power … solar panels are the first generation in later life. Already the solar energy glass coming … fuel cells are recharged only reject and 95% less carbon …

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